Urbanation Bboy is a Hip Hop dance project organized with the Kaay Fecc association. Both associations want to participate in the promotion, the diffusion and the developent of hip hop dance (bboying) in Africa through the creation of an annual festival dedicated a 100% to urban art that takes place in West Africa, which constitutes for young Africans a social  and economic development tool.

As a tool of sensibilization, of transmission, of creation and of diffusion URBANATION BBOY has as for objective to impulse Hip Hop dancing in Senegal and in Africa ; to encourage  artistic Pan-African and International exchange and to professionalize jobs specific to that style of dance by putting in place various types of training programs. In the spirit of self-work and openess, the intention is to make Hip Hop available to all and actively participate to the development of  a long lasting local and continental cultural industry. Since 2008 Urbanation has had three editions, the first took place in 2008, the second in 2010 and the last in 2011.Winners in 2008: LaHallaKingzoo/Morocco, 2010: Punisher/Sengal, 2011: Punisher/Senegal.


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