First center on the HIPHOP and urban cultures developed in the hope of contributing positively to the expansion and due to a better understanding of Hip Hop culture by people professionals educators and researchers with the information that they will gain through this center. Involving all sections of HipHop(CDs, magazines, press clippings, photos, biography of the great names ofHipHop). True temple of knowledge this center will serve as a framework for discussion with the actors of urban culture institutions and sociologists throughfilm screenings and exhibitions and other discussion forums.

A library available to persons wishing to document and have knowledge of rap,graffiti, breakdancing, Slam, DJing, etc.. The center will be for artists, the appropriate framework to have all the necessary documentation required on theHip Hop.

A center that will include all items of Hip Hop (magazines, CDs, DVDs, records,etc. ..), journals recounting the history of Hip Hop culture or literature describingthe different writing techniques Hip Hop, the information about artists, records ofevents, research on hiphop, collaborations with rap groups, associations,structures, studio.

The resource center will also serve as a laboratory to trace the history ofSenegalese HipHop DVD and CD audio book. This is the place to strengthencapacity of players to the English language

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