Created at the time of the floods that touched Dakar’s suburbs by Matador from Wa Bmg 44- Thiaroye, Africulturban’s initial purpose was to give a helping hand to the populations in need via a fundraiser concert. Today, Africulturban offers a haven dedicated to musical création. Through the organization of festivals and a putting together a training center for the youth motivated to be cultural agitators, Afrciculturban is a significant actor towards positive change in the Senegalese society.
Through a consulting and directing network, Africulturban define itself as a support structure encouraging initiatives towards a larger struggle against pauperization and isolation. Thoughout the year Senegalese and International artists are using Africulturban as a Platform to promote African Hip-Hop. Since its creation in 2006, Africulturban has been an advocate for urban cultures and especially promoting of the 4 classic elements of Hip-Hop culture (Rap, Breakdance, Graffiti, Dj-ing) through several avenues (concerts, exhibitions, workshops, professional meetings, etc…)

In a perspective of development Africulturban announces the opening of 2 new branches in Banjul and Conakry in 2009-2010.Africulturban is currently partnering with two structures in Belgium, Le Souterrain and Prohibe Productions, and looks forward to assist them in developing their African initiatives.


Urban Cultures and Hip Hop International Festival – Festa 2H 2006-2009

The first DJ school in Africa « African Turntablism » (2 promotion)

A Meeting space Urban Dream

A Slam Club

A semi-professional recording studio Urban Music

Co-producers with Africart of Urban Session January 12th 2007

Co-producers of Urbanation Bboy  (biggest B-boy competition in West Africa)

Sub-contrctors of the Goethe Institute, German Cultural Weeks évent in November 2008

Partners of festival Faso Hip-Hop Awards in Burkina Faso

Partners of festival Assalamalékoum Hiphop Festival in Mauritania

Producers of the compilation « Les Pirogues du Hiphop » for Oim in 2008

Awareness Campaign on HIV/AIDS on behalf of  ADEMAS la Kfw and  comité national de lutte contre le Sida en 2007

Producers of the exhibition L’Original Saffiche Tour (2008 -2009) for festival Loriginal de Lyon

Partners festival Boom 2009 /2010 with Rico Rich Productions in Canada

Producers of CIUC (canary island urban cultures) March 2009 on behalf of Graciassiella de Tennerife in Dakar

Partners of festivals Banlieue Rythme et Hiphop Awards and Kaay Fecc’s workshops (rap Slam dj etc.)

And everyear we organise the biggest Hiphop festival in Senegal Festa2H – 6 edition




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